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Since training is perhaps the most critical element of a successful installation, Keystone requires a minimum amount of time be ordered with each application module in order for  client’s staff to become certified for production use and support service.  Keystone also provides comprehensive technical training for system support personnel with classes ranging from basic database administration up to program development and maintenance skills, as desired.

Training is conducted at the client’s site, or may optionally be hosted by Keystone at our southern New Jersey offices.   This training incorporates both instructor demonstrations and “hands on” use of the system, utilizing actual work examples and local data for familiarity and relevance.  Class sizes are purposely limited to ensure that each person is given proper individual attention and masters the content.

The Training units are intended to provide for one complete and thorough training series for each application software product, such that individuals can end up equipped to train others within the organization if desired.  It is expected that the client designate from their staff at least one person with primary responsibility in each major application area to assist with ongoing training as the project progresses.  These internal trainer personnel can then also function as the first line support personnel within the organization to efficiently use Keystone’s help desk (“Client Care”) services. This approach also helps reduce the cost of future training necessitated by staff changes and increases self-reliance for some questions and support issues.

On-going training is available to Keystone clients throughout the year in the form of:

  • Free classes in conjunction with the national and regional user group meetings
  • General, periodic classes offered at Keystone’s offices
  • Free webinars on topics of general interest
  • On site, custom tailored training

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