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The SKools Student Administration product line, developed and supported by Keystone, forms a comprehensive, integrated suite of application software for school-based, and district-wide management of all types of student information.  Given the specific requirements found in each state, and to some extent in each local district, Keystone has specialized in a two state focus for this product line, drawing upon deep expertise, in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

The SKools Student Administration modules are separable in a number of areas such that an organization may grow into use of the entire suite gradually.

SKools runs centrally, with site-based access and controls to appropriate data.  This strengthens integrity of the data and provides for real time access by district management, with up to the moment information for decision support.   The results of these integrated modules provide state-mandated reports and registers, and data analysis for executive decision support.

Standard interfaces allow seamless data integration with a number of third party products for:

  • Teacher Grade Books
  • ”Palm” Database access
  • Automated Telephoning systems
  • Bus Routing systems
  • Library Management
  • Cafeteria Point of Sale

Web browser-based system access provides comprehensive system functions for all types of users and constituents including classroom teachers, parents/guardians, and administrators at all levels in the organization. 

Digital images and document attachments may be linked to student records.

Many levels of security have been designed throughout the SKools software, so that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect sensitive student information.

Scheduling is the cornerstone of the SKools student administration suite with the “Pathfinder” module having proven itself extremely useful in a variety types of schedules. 

Due to the open standard platform technology used by Keystone, (such as ODBC, SQL and XML), a variety of third party applications and tools may also be used to query Student data, such as the Microsoft Suite and Crystal Reports.

Click Here to see visual representation of the full, integrated application product suite.

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