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As a complete systems integrator, Keystone accepts primary responsibility for all aspects of an automation project.  Keystone offers all of the products and services necessary to get the complete job done. This includes an ability to assess the client's needs and then to offer consulting services, which include hardware specification and configuration, and sourcing hardware as desired by the client.  In addition to providing solutions centered around our core application software products, Keystone also successfully offers general software development and system support services to a variety of commercial enterprises, with an emphasis on our deep expertise in the IBM U2 databases.

Keystone will provide complete project administration services, hardware installation, process consultation and product fit analysis, and will propose thoughtful modifications and additions to our packaged solutions, based upon individual needs.  We also provide complete training, for all types of users and system support personnel, in all aspects of the solution provided.

Keystone also offers on-going help desk support with software maintenance and version upgrades.   (Server hardware maintenance is provided by the manufacturer's field service organizations.)   With installation of source code on each client’s server, and high speed secure remote access, we are able to support clients in any geography quickly and effectively.

Keystone's “Client Care” department is the primary contact that our clients use to ask questions and report issues, by phone, fax or website. Keystone's support procedures, and web based issues tracking system ensure that problems are solved quickly and with good communication.

Depending on the client's wishes, Keystone is equipped to provide any or all of the following products and services for your implementation:

  • Selecting, Sizing, Installing and Optionally, Sourcing Server Hardware
  • Maintaining, Supporting and Enhancing Application Software Products
  • Custome Software Development Services
  • Software Product Enhancement and Development Services
  • Converting Available Data from Existing Systems
  • Training Staff at all Levels in the Use of the System, Relational Database, Application Software and Software Development Tools
  • Supporting Operating Systems and Relational Database Software Products

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