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Judson B. Van Dervort, Sr. founded Keystone Information Systems in 1975.  He continues to be its Board Chairman and majority stock owner. In 2005, after having worked 18 years in a variety of marking, sales and management roles, Mr. Van Devort's son, Judson B. Van Dervort, Jr., took on the role of President and General Manager.

Keystone was originallyfounded as “Keystone Data Systems, Inc.” a regional (Philadelphia area) distributor, and value added reseller for Microdata Realty minicomputers (Irvine, CA). At that time, these cutting edge systems had a unique operating system known as "Pick" which was the forerunner to today’s sophisticated multi-value relational database architecture.

In 1979, Keystone adopted the more technically advanced Prime Information computer line becoming one of the earliest re-sellers of Prime Computer, Inc. (Natick, MA).   Around that time, Keystone developed and installed its first financial accounting software for a suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania public school district. This was the genesis of the continuously evolving SKools software package.  Student Administration modules soon followed.

In 1981, with some adaptation, Keystone’s solid fund accounting and human resources software found a fit in a large county government, thus expanding Keystone’s products into the LOGIC product line.  Keystone’s presence in the local government market, in 1987, led to the development of the Keystone On-line Public Safety (K.O.P.S.) line of integrated public safety dispatch, records management (RMS) and detention management modules.  In 2005, Keystone spun off this company, which operates now as “Keystone Public Safety Inc.”  As sister companies, “KIS” and “KPS” continue to share technology, resources, facilities and the same majority owner.

In 1998, Keystone acquired the assets of “Infocel Inc.”, a mid-range local government business unit owned by EDS, (Plano TX).  This move resulted in a significant increase in Keystone's local government presence especially in the states of North Carolina and Virginia, some additional software products, especially in Land and Tax Administration, and an expert and dedicated group of employees based in North Carolina.

Throughout its history, Keystone has also maintained a base of non-public sector clients who look to Keystone for technical consulting and application development services.  Keystone continues to be one of the nation’s most experienced and respected consulting houses in the "multi-value" relational databases, U2 products of IBM Corporation, and the related Pick environments.


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