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Keystone addresses the property taxation revenue needs of local government with focus on three primary state markets, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina, using product lines specifically tailored to the unique needs of these localities. 

In Pennsylvania, we address the needs of municipal governments and public school districts to maintain a Census and to bill and collect for Real Estate Taxes, including sharing data with the county taxing authority.   Our Pennsylvania Municipal Tax product line also addresses Act 511 Taxes, Per Capita Tax, and Recycling and Sewer.

The Real Estate Tax module will handle Per Capita, Census and Real Estate taxes.  This module interfaces to the Keystone Financials system, posting all transactions to the General Ledger.  Recycling and Sewer Fees can be included on the tax bill as one charge.  Discount, face and penalty are handled along with partial payments and installments.  Multiple municipalities can be handled within one taxing authority.  Interim billing, delinquents, and reporting are all part of the product.  Adults and students are tracked in Census with the ability to promote students all at one time.

The PA Act 511 module handles Mercantile, Business License, Business Privilege, OPT, Mercantile License and EMST.  Licenses are printed, tax returns are computed on screen, cash transactions are handled, and reports are generated for the township and school district.  History of these taxes and payments are tracked within the system using a business identifier.

For North Carolina and Virginia, Keystone addresses the tax revenue needs of both counties and municipalities using our comprehensive and fully integrated Property Assessment Administration System (PAAS) suite.  When deployed to its fullest extent, PAAS integrates the functions of the Register of Deeds, Land Records office, Mapping, Real and Personal Property Appraisal, Billing and Collections. The features include a split database for re-valuation, property record cards, sketching, building images, tax billing including real, personal, business personal property, and motor vehicles. Comprehensive account and property maintenance is available in addition to revenue collection features such as garnishment, bankruptcy, mortgage lender payments, and multiple bill payment.

There are also web browser extensions for inquiry which can be set up on the organization’s web site for public access with a secure copy of the data.   The system is modular such that portions may be run as applicable to municipal use or for counties which require only the Appraisal or the Billing and Collections side.  Interfaces to third party financial, billing and collections systems are also in place as well as interfaces for outsourced bill printing.   

Click here to see visual representation of the full, integrated PAAS application product suite.

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