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Keystone Information Systems successfully transitioned to the next generation of management in 2005 with Judson B. Van Dervort, Jr. taking the role of President and General Manager.  Judd spent the previous 18 years working for Keystone in a variety of sales, marketing and management roles.  Judd is the son of Keystone’s founder, current majority owner and board chairman, Judson B. Van Dervort, Sr.

Keystone’s Senior Vice President for Product Development is Stephen D. Juliana.  Steve joined Keystone in 1984 and quickly became one of Keystone’s lead technical personnel.  Over the course of more than twenty years, Steve became the key designer and developer of a number of Keystone’s major product sets.  Steve has held a variety of management positions and today is responsible for oversight of all product development, implementation and product support operations.

Keystone’s Vice President for Client Services is Michael J. Liggera.  Mike joined Keystone in 2007 to head up client relationships, project administration and client services which includes oversight of Keystone’s “Client Care” support group.  Mike has a degree in computer science and a background in large scale system development and implementation projects.


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