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As a complete systems integrator, Keystone staffs all aspects of the implementation, training and on-going support of a Keystone system. 
Keystone draws on its staff-based deep subject matter expertise to fulfill the various aspects of an implementation project.  These activities include:

  • Product Review and Fit Analysis Consultation
  • Site-Specific System Parameter Set up
  • Software Modification/Development
  • Data Conversion Utility, Development and Testing
  • User Training
  • Project Management Administration

A single Keystone project manager/point of contact is assigned to each implementation.  This experienced staff member serves as the facilitator between Keystone’s employee resources and a counterpart project manager of the client’s.  Keystone’s Project manager will review and send all written project communications as well as maintain the project plan.

The project plan uses procedural steps that render the project more manageable. Each application module may be on its own timetable with regard to the various tasks that lead to its production use.  Typically, the actual time frame for production use of an application module (or a portion of one) has much more to do with “natural” factors such as customer staff availability, business cycles relative to use of the particular application (e.g. budgeting occurs at a certain time of the fiscal year,) and desired integration of modules, more so than any timing factors which Keystone “dictates”.  The implementation schedule is first built with the timeframe for production use of a given module understood from the beginning of the implementation, with enough time allocated for the various steps required in the process. 

A key aspect of Keystone’s services is the ability to offer application product experts who not only possesses intimate knowledge of the software’s functions and data structures, but extensive industry expertise as well.  The Project Manager will draw upon the depth of Keystone’s industry expertise to provide subject matter experts with many years of cumulative experience in each application area in the overall implementation.


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