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The Keystone Employee Management System (KEMS) product line, developed and supported by Keystone,  forms a comprehensive, integrated suite of application software for public school and local government human resources administration. The modules are separable in a number of areas such that an organization may grow into use of the entire suite gradually.

Designed through a committee process involving human resource and government finance professionals, KEMS is built upon several integrated modules that together provide a complete control over the payroll and human resource functions required for public sector personnel administration.  The KEMS payroll is now meeting the state specific reporting requirements in nine states.  When installed in conjunction with Keystone’s SKools and LOGIC Financial Management System, KEMS interacts in an online environment, based on sound accounting principles, which provides for seamless data access across departments.

Using sub-modules for the unique needs of either public schools or local government, KEMS offers a complete database that enables easy inquiry and reporting on all types of personnel (professional, non-professional, certified, part-time and full-time employees.) 

Web browser-based access is provided for secured Employee Self Service, Leave Requests and Job Applicants.

Standard interfaces allow seamless data integration with a number of third party products for:

  • Online benefits administration
  • Automated time clock
  • Substitute calling and placement
  • Print management

Digital images and document attachments may be linked to personnel records.

Many levels of security have been designed throughout the KEMS software, so that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect sensitive personnel information.

The Personnel and Payroll application modules can be installed and operated alone or together, but independently of each other if desired, with variable degrees of sharing user access and control of the employee master data file among users in either the "payroll" or "personnel" departments, as desired by the organization. When both modules are installed together, they may be linked in a variety of ways to meet any mode of operation.

Due to the open standard platform technology used by Keystone, (such as ODBC, SQL and XML), a variety of third party applications and tools may also be used to query personnel data, such as the Microsoft Suite and Crystal Reports.

Click Here to see a visual representation of the full, integrated application product suite.

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