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The SKools and LOGIC Financial Administration Product line, developed and supported by Keystone, forms a comprehensive, integrated suite of application software for public school and local government administration. The modules are separable in a number of areas such that an organization may grow into use of the entire suite gradually.

The various modules which comprise Keystone’s Financial Management System are compliant with GAAP and GASB accounting standards and form a multi-fund budgetary accounting, and encumbrance control system, which controls budgeted expenditures, and tracks and reports all types of financial activity. All modules are closely interfaced, so as an optional module is added at a later time, the interface has already been pre-defined in the core Financials package.

The general ledger is date driven and extremely flexible with regard to closing accounting periods. In addition to a tailored general ledger report writer built into the software, due to the open standard platform technology used by Keystone, (such as ODBC, SQL and XML), a variety of third party applications and tools may also be used to query Financial data, such as the Microsoft Office Suite, Crystal Reports and Entrinsik Informer.

The sophisticated security features of the Financial Management System reach many levels starting with operating system security controlling who opens a session on the central application server and to which areas that user may attach. Next, there is an easily maintained menu and program security administration module.  With this, a system administrator establishes which users, or defined groups of users, can or cannot access a program or even have it displayed on their individual menus. Beyond that, the Chart of Account Security can use any portion of the account number to grant a user access to a defined range of account codes. This facilitates practical, secure decentralization of data entry and inquiry, such as initial, detailed budget preparation, requisition entry, account inquiry and analysis.

While the product function is deep and proven, deriving its business logic from numerous installations in medium to larger sized school districts and municipalities, and in numerous states, meeting a variety of local requirements, the products are continually enhanced to incorporate new features and state-of-the-art technology with frequent new releases, new platforms, and the development of entirely new application modules.

The complete product set ties together all departments, organization-wide, eliminating duplicate databases and redundant data entry.  The architecture is based on a central server for real time data integrity and up to the moment information for the decision support needs of management personnel.

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